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The Improving Your Intuition video includes creative problem solving and decision making exercises, described by the experts that created them.

The video gives concrete examples of how intuition has helped people make healthful and profitable life decisions and how you can do the same. Worldwide, intuition is used for things as practical as quitting smoking to lucrative decisions like stock market investing. In business, intuitive thinking is known as “creative problem solving,” says author Ann McGee Cooper.

“Have fun with it, taking things too seriously locks us into logic and blocks intuition.”

The Improving Your Intuition video has been used in seminars since 1999 to train Day & Stock Traders. The guests on this video, many of whom are Ph.D.’s, have advised titans of industry and government!

The interviews for this video were done at the “Intuition at Work: From Insight to Application,” conference, that was held in Denver, Colorado, in November 1995. The program was originally released in 1997 and newly remastered.

• Understand creativity and innovation!
• Learn the difference between impulse and intuition!
Improving Your Intuition: Make Better Decisions will teach you how to apply these skills and so much more, It changed my life and can change yours!

Alan Vaughan Ph.D. – is an internationally known authority on intuitive phenomenon, precognition and prophetic dreams. He has written numerous books and scientifically demonstrated such skills as solving crimes, finding sunken ships, remote viewing, telepathy and precognition.

Ann McGee Cooper Ed.D – is the author of “You Don’t Have To Go Home From Work Exhausted” and “Time Management For Unmanageable People.” Ann is a well Known creative problem solving specialist and business consultant.

Marcia Emery Ph.D. – has been teaching intuitive development for decades and is the author of “Dr. Emery’s Intuition Workbook.“

Sharon Franquemont – is the author of “You Already Know What To Do” and has been the featured trainer in “Intuition Magazine.”

Edith Jurka MD – is a board trained psychiatrist and creator of the “Wind Song Center” that helps already successful people add to their capacities.

Gary Markoff – Vice president of Smith Barney Inc. in Boston. Gary was named in Money Magazines 15th Anniversary issue as “One of the Top Stockbrokers in America.”

Henry Reed Ph.D. – has published several research articles and popularized books on dreams and intuition. Henry is a well-known intuition trainer.

Nancy Rosanoff – is the author of “Intuition Workout” and has conducted numerous intuition training programs.

Bill Taggart Ph.D. – is a professor of management at Florida International University. Bill has created a variety of intuitive assessment tools and training exercises.

A note from the producer
Why Intuition?

My first wife was didn’t last.....

In the early 1990’s, my (first) wife displayed an ability to know what I was dreaming and thinking. I came home one day to find her accusing me of cheating on her, even though I had not. Yes, it happened in my thoughts but I didn’t have anyone in mind and of course I never spoke of it. But she knew somehow and was extremely angry. This was not the first time she knew what I was thinking. I honestly had no idea how she got in my head. As my marriage was dissolving, I saw my beautiful little two year old girl being shuttled between my wife and I. The separation and divorce was a painful experience. During this time I was lonely, angry and lost. I desperately wanted to know the future. Will we get back together, should we, will I meet someone new, will I get a new job, should I move? I was re-evaluating everything and searching for answers.

This started me on a journey. An attempt to discover if things like precognition, intuition or psychic ability were real. I needed to find answers. I had experience with video production, so I decided to start researching and interviewing. I had found most of the people who claimed these abilities were fake. I wasted a lot of time and money trying to find someone else with this gift. In my many encounters, I only found one “psychic” that intrigued me. A European lady in town for a short stay, had me pick 8 colored bottles, out of a possible 300 or more. Immediately, she knew the goals I was aiming toward. She said “ You are trying to merge the philosophies of east and west, you are doing it with some type of media.” I was so blown away, I didn’t even hear the rest of what she said! She had captured exactly what I was trying to do, but said it more eloquently then I had could have. At the time I was planning a project and told no one that I was about to start working on this “Intuition” video. I had just begun researching the topic.

Not long after, I learned about the “Intuition at Work” conference in Denver in 1995. Many of instructors there were Ph.D. ’s or had other impressive credentials. I was able to ask them to describe, in concrete terms, how they go about improving their intuition or use it to make decisions. I interviewed them and created a video from those interviews. Today, I use my intuition and some of the exercises I learned to make decisions. The most important thing I learned was meditation. I was able to find a place where I could connect to my inner voice, not the worried, insecure me, but my wise inner self that was there all along. Thanks to some of the great advice from those I interviewed, I am able to tell the difference.

Thankfully, I did find what I was looking for...

Ray Adler
  • I learned about the “Intuition at Work” conference in Denver in 1995. Many of instructors there were Ph.D.'s or had other impressive credentials. I was able to ask them to describe, how to improve my intuition and use intuition in decision making. We created this video from those interviews.

    — Ray Adler Producer/Director


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